Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Servicing Sector Society” (RASSS)
  1. Act as a bridge between the National Ozone Unit (NOU), Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the individual workshop/ technician to communicate HCFC phase-out policy information.
  2. Collect and provide feedback on the issues/ needs of the workshops/ technicians to the Government (NOU)
  3. Inform the workshops/technicians/supervisors of Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Service Sector about new technology developments by organizing training workshops, compiling and distributing newsletters regularly, so that the good practices training would be sustained, even after the completion of activities under the Multilateral Fund (MLF) projects.
  4. Assist in the implementation of the certification/Licensing system.
  5. Increase the capacity of workshop/ technicians in trading with dealers/ suppliers of refrigerants/ spare parts.
  6. Facilitate compliance with environmental regulations.
  7. Participate in country team to international environmental conferences, meetings, seminars.
  8. Formulate an industry code, such as good practices and facilitate the implementation.
  9. To promote recovery and reclamation.
  10. To develop website for technicians.
  11. To encourage Trainers/ Technicians through “Best Trainer/ Technician Award”